Jordi Alba: "I want Madrid
to lose all the matches"

The Barcelona defender confessed in El Hormiguero, that "I am a friend of all Madrid players, but I want them to lose all the matches" Alba recognized that if he has to mark Messi in the World Cup, "I will try to do my best because I do not want my father to win me," he said on the Antena 3 program. The Barça defender, Jordi Alba, said that his relationship with Madrid players is "rare", as he said he was "perfect with everyone, although I want them to lose all the matches",  the defender explained, answering the interviewer about his favorite in the face of the Champions League final.

Jurgen Klopp faces in a week to the most important appointment of the season. A "fantastic" season for Liverpool, according to the coach himself, and which he has now reviewed on the official website of UEFA before being measured at Real Madrid in the Champions League final. Liverpool Season I am very proud of what my players have achieved. The number of goals we score is crazy. We have scored seven goals twice, and five in two others. It's really crazy because we are not Madrid, or Barca or Bayern . We are Liverpool and we are on the way to becoming a really good team. It is incredible to compete at such a high level. To summarize, it has been a crazy season, but we have won our place in the final.Bet on your favourite team with VIP bookie insider predictions.

For  Alba, "Leo is the best in the world and as he never fails, I always try to give him the ball. The truth is that we know each other a lot and we look for each other, although it is also true that the defenders already expect that connection ". GOODBYE TO INIESTA On the march of Iniesta, he said he did not know his destination, "I do not think he is clear about it himself, although I'm sure he will be fine, it's one of the best in history and it's a shame he has to go"

The defender  also recalled the tough defeat in Rome that separated the team from the Champions League. "We had a good advantage and in the return we had it on track, but we had a bad day, and that 3-0 nobody explains it but it happened," he said.  "If you're not plugged in, what happened happened." Alba remembered her departure from Valencia, where she continues to receive whistles and also tried to downplay it, "because I said goodbye even if they did not understand that I was coming back home ...".